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Removal Boxes

Our collection of storage boxes and removal boxes allows you to pick the sizes of box you need to safely package all your items. All our boxes are double walled (except where stated) and are 100% recycleable.

Remember that our removal boxes are perfect for use as removal boxes, storage boxes, moving boxes or anything else you want to have packed away and stored in a safe clean enviroment. Dont forget to also get your bubble wrap to help protect items in transport and long term storage.

Picture Boxes

Picture boxes are a good way to have everything secured when your moving your pictures and other flat objects.

Use the foam profiles and bubble wrap with these make sure these items are even more secure. Please note you must ensure that there is no free space to enture safe passage during your removal.

Archive Boxes

On all moves it is advised to have one box that has all the needed items in it, car keys, documents etc and this is where our archive boxes are perfect. These storage boxes come with a lift off lid and are sturdy enough to be used to store even heavy items like large amounts of paperwork.

These storage boxes are also perfect for use in offices and office moves, they are sturdy enough for files and binders to be placed in as well as having handles to make them easier to move and thats to their high stacking strenght they are perfect for storing old records etc.


Proper tape is a requirement when moving and just when building our storage boxes. Remeber to use fragile marked tape to show the removal company which storage boxes contain breakables and to allow some to help secure bubble wrap or other wrapping.

Our tape guns make applying the tape to boxes and other items quick and easy, limiting the search for the end of the roll and using teeth to cut it.

Wrapping / Bubbles

Removal Boxes bubble wrap is the single best protection for ornaments etc that are being put in storage boxes. With careful use bubble wrap allows boxes to be packed tight so there is very little space for items to move.

As well as bubble wrap we also offer a range of other wrapping items ranging from kraft paper to the foam chips again allowing you to package your items in the best possible way.

Furniture Covers

If your items are going into storage its well worth using a set of furniture covers to help protect them from any damp or dust and the same is true even in the moving vans so it is well worth protecting your expensive items with covers.

Glassware Boxes

Drinks and glassware are some of the most awkward things to pack and also easily damaged. These glassware storage box and division sets make the process of packing them much simpler.

Wardrobe Boxes

If your moving and not been lucky enough to get time off for the move things can be very stressful. The wardrobe boxes we have allow you to move items still on hangers and are perfect for use with the items of clothing you need while the rest is in storage boxes.

Moving Packs

For those not too sure on how much you will need or where to start, this gives you somewhere to start you off. These moving packs give a variety of useful products & storage boxes needed for every house move.

Moving packs for the first move to the family move - all available and with discounts over buying the individual products and storage boxes.


These items are the ones you will no doubt find useful in any move and things that just dont fit anywhere else. Using the pen to write on your storage boxes the room that each box has been used for is an ideal way to help things get unpacked at a later date in the right places and to help you find things should you need something in a hurry.

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