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Environmental Issues

Welcome to's environmental information page began due to parent company, Kingscroft Logistics Ltd's location and due to the environmental legislation now in full force.

Kingscroft Logistics Ltd has been established for over 10 years and design and supplies many areas of packaging materials to many sectors ranging from heavy engineering to food production.

The product range on this site consists of a full range of corrugated cardboard boxes or packaging boxes which are suitable for use as storage boxes or , packing, moving and mailing/shipping your personal possessions whether 1 mile down the road or around the world. The size of these boxes range from 6"x 4"x 4" (150mm X 100mm X 100mm) to 30" x 20" X 20" (762mm x 508mm x 508mm).

As well as the range of boxes, we hope you will find all the other necessary pieces of packaging required to move your possessions including bubble wrap, packaging tape, foams, wardrobe boxes and moving kits - which tries to give you bit of everything to get you started.

To give you more confidence in our product range we also supply many removal companies who come back time and time again.

We hope you find our product range gives you the full range of packaging supplies required at this time and I am sure you will note that this covers cheap boxes and a range of small to large boxes for you to choose and buy but does not include plastic boxes as these are very expensive, are rather unwieldy and does not do our environment any good.

All our boxes are also suitable for recycling after your use or can be passed to another person to assist with their house move also.

If you are looking for gift boxes, food packaging, cartons, point of sale, carrier bags, stand up pouches, vacuum bags or other packaging supplies, please contact us on 01294 313348 or

Environmental Issues

Recent environmental legislation has ensured our larger retailers are more environmentally friendly and all packaging supplied into them is appropriately recycled. If they do not recycle their packaging, they are taxed! Hence in years gone by, when moving home, we would have sourced our packing boxes along with our weekly shopping!

Now that this supply of cardboard boxes for our home move is unavailable and in some cases, gladly unavailable (as our household goods deserve better then stained or smelly boxes), Kingscroft being designers of packaging materials, has brought their product range for moving home to you under

We are pleased to advise that our corrugated packaging can be recycled after your use or will be able to be passed on to another person to assist with their house move also.

Our corrugated boxes are double walled and are extremely strong and can also be used for shipping boxes to anywhere in the world.

Please note that bubble wrap and foams are not biodegradable and if environmental issues are of paramount importance to you, these products should be minimised as much as possible.

If you have any other queries regarding this area, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Environmental Policy

Kingscroft Logistics Ltd owns and operates this website while following these criteria:-

1. All products are designed and manufactured fully embracing the methodology and ideology of Ecodesign (Ecodesign is the way of thinking about design which takes in to account the environmental impact of the product or packaging across its full life cycle.)

2. All of Kingscroft’s policies make a positive contribution to the sustainability of the environment.

3. We encourage industry to minimise the use of packaging by the use of innovative design and use of products where possible.

4. We advise customers in this highly competitive marketplace on the use of effective packaging to ensure higher returns for the customer whether from reduced damage rate or lower cost while maintaining high standards of products.

5. Kingscroft Logistics Ltd confirms that we are currently compliant with all the relevant UK Legislation involving supply of packaging and the environmental aspects of the packaging that we supply.

6. Kingscroft take all steps possible to keep up to date with legislation pertaining to packaging and the environmental impact of packaging.

7. Where you have specific concerns about environmental issues please email for further information regarding the products, excluding any information which may affect the intellectual property of our customers.

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