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Removal Boxes

Removal Boxes

Here you will find all the boxes you can need for packing your belongings. All boxes are double wall (except where stated) and will support light to medium weight items. Remember for packing loose or fragile items to visit our Wrapping / Bubbles section to ensure your belongings are fully protected !

FAQ : What are the differences between single wall and double wall boxes?

Double wall boxes give you a higher degree of protection to your goods as opposed to single wall as this material is 5mm thick as opposed to 3mm thick. better stacking strength etc.

Small Boxes

These small boxes are ideal for storing smaller items such as CDs and transporting wrapped fragile items such as crockery and ornaments during your removal. They are also useful for smaller items lithe contents of a drawer that you want to move and replace easily in your new house. Click here to see available sizes and prices.

Medium Boxes

Medium sized removal boxes are ideal for childrens toys, larger crockery and small furnishings. Please take care lifting these boxes as once they are filled the can be heavy and you may need assistance when lifting them to avoid injury. Please take care you still have a lot of packing to do. Click here to see available sizes and prices.

Large Boxes

These extra strong removal boxes are perfect for the items that simply won't fit anywhere else. The removal boxes are double walled boxes and are built to support and protect the product stored within the box. Please remember that these removal boxes can be very heavy when filled so please make sure that you either have help to lift them or lift them correctly to reduce the risk of injury. Click here to see available sizes and prices.

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