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Furniture Covers

Covers for furniture and mattresses are listed below to ensure their safe transit.

FAQ : What do people use acid free tissue paper for?

To wrap wooden furniture eg furniture with highly polished surfaces that may mark if newsprint is used.

 Poly Cover / Double Mattress Cover Poly Cover / Double Mattress Cover
2.99 (3.59 Inc VAT)

 Poly Sofa Cover Single Seat Poly Sofa Cover Single Seat
2.39 (2.87 Inc VAT)

The use of poly covers for furniture is very important when moving to prevent dust or rain touching your belongings, this becomes even more of a necessity should your furniture be going into any form of storage. This is our single seater cover and will cover most single seater chairs and sofa's.

 Poly Sofa Cover 2 Seater Poly Sofa Cover 2 Seater
2.99 (3.59 Inc VAT)

This is the larger dust cover for a 2 seater sofa. Not only do these items protect your valuable furniture from dust but also from the weather when they are being loaded into and out of the vans.

When items go into storage make sure the dust sheets are over the items and wrapped round them as best as you can.

 Poly Sofa Cover 3 Seater Poly Sofa Cover 3 Seater
3.59 (4.31 Inc VAT)

The largest dust cover we have above is for long 3 seater sofa's etc. This product again is ideal for protecting items from dust and weather when in transport and storage.

Other Products

Here at removal boxes we offer a wide range of items like our Storage Boxes , our Picture Storage boxes and other packaging items. All of these items such as our Bubble Wrap / Packing Materials are avalible for next working day delivery as well as an option of saturday delivery.

Dont forget to order your Glassware Boxes as well as any Wardrobe Boxes that you need to make sure your belongings are safe in storage and transit.

Kingscroft Logistics Ltd, our parent company, also offer a wide range of other products, like our sister site offers a wide range of flat pack hamper boxes that are ideal for wrapping corporate gifts of just for giving someone a bottle of wine to say thank you for the help moving. We also have another site specialising in the supply of Padded Envelope's and other mailing supplies.

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